Exclusive Boat Aruba VIP FAQs 


Exclusive Boat Aruba FAQs

Read here the answers to the most asked questions about Exclusive Boat Aruba VIP luxury yacht charters. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us (via telephone, email, chat).

You may choose to complete and submit your charter enquiry via the 'Contact Us' booking form on our website. Alternatively, please email exclusiveboataruba@gmail.com Our team will be glad to assist with your enquiries or requests and will recommend the most suitable yacht for your event.

Most yachts are restricted to a 12-pax maximum for cruising and accommodation. The number of guests allowed onboard a charter yacht depends on her compliance with safety regulations.

Aruba enjoys year-round sunshine and average temperatures ranging between 24 °C and 32 °C, making it a hugely popular destination for yacht charters. We live for the open water, the thrill of the adventure, the peace and serenity that can be found along our quiet shores, and the incredible beauty of our island. Just relax and let our crew take care of you.

Exclusive Boat Aruba VIP yachts will depart from Varadero Aruba Marina & Boatyard. Please arrive ten 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you plan to be later than 20 minutes, please call and reschedule.

Yes Exclusive Boat Aruba VIP offers excellent catering options for all of our charters or events, including a private chef and everything you need to enjoy a day on the water. We can assist in selecting the right food and beverage service from a gourmet buffet to simple appetizers, our menu options are designed so you have the flexibility to create and customize a menu that best caters to your special event. Food and beverages are not included in our rental fees and are extra. Please contact us for a quote. Our staff will be happy to help you out with any issues, ensuring your charter experience is as simple and as comfortable as possible.

Our rates vary depending on the event and package you choose and the number of people onboard. The main cost is the yacht rental, priced hourly or daily, with a 2-3 hour minimum booking requirement. There will be additional charges for food, beverages, and entertainment.

The Best Yacht Charters On The Island Of Aruba

Chartering one of our private charter yachts will promise you the ultimate vacation in Aruba, with awe-inspiring sights, breathtaking adventures, and enduring memories in moments to last a lifetime. There’s a holiday for everyone: your family, your work, or just for you. No holiday on earth compares to one that floats on water. Reserve your perfect Yacht today! 

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