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Celebrate Your Special Day On Our Luxury Yacht

Host your yacht wedding with Exclusive Boat Aruba. We offer unforgettable yacht wedding events. Nothing can rival the magic of exchanging vows on a private yacht on the island of Aruba. On your wedding day, you’ll climb aboard one of our yachts with your closest family members and friends and embark on a journey into the fresh ocean air.

A destination wedding yacht charter in Aruba, a tropical Caribbean setting, couldn’t be more romantic ever. Your guests will also be able to witness some amazing moments with you. Exclusive Boat Aruba wedding charters are specially designed and decorated to give the perfect touch to a wedding. We understand the importance of this special day and will strive to make it a memorable event. Our reputation is stellar. You won’t be disappointed.

Wedding Catering and Entertainment🥂

Exclusive Boat Aruba is able, willing, and always ready to help you discuss and coordinate your event. Everything and anything from menus, bars, music and dancing, photography, entertainment, and any other options you might have in mind. For a cost that’s no more than most popular wedding venues, we can make your dreams of a yacht wedding come true. Contact us today so that we can help you prepare for your special day. Reserve your perfect Yacht today! 

Indulge Yourself in the Caribbean Yacht Charter Experience

Begin your happily-ever-after in a tropical paradise with fresh air, an escape from the day-to-day, a private yacht, non-stop views, and mouth-watering cuisine. Exclusive Boat Aruba's specialty is to make the most of your experience, from customer service to your own fun day. Let us take care of the fine details that make your private event at sea unforgettable!

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